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Introducing the HuntPro Wildlife Management Platform

A few short years ago, some avid outdoorsmen in Carrollton, GA were frustrated by having to flip through a seemingly endless stream of trail camera images looking for trophy deer. And they knew they weren't the only ones, having spent years hunting with their friends and families who shared the same frustrations. Unfortunately, there really wasn't a solution available to meet their needs. So, being that these avid outdoorsmen were also successful technology entrepreneurs, they decided to build their own solution. That idea launched a new business called HuntPro and featured a custom engineered artificial intelligence image recognition engine that quickly analyzed trail camera images and provided filtered results by species - bucks, does, fawns, turkeys, and hogs to name a few - saving them time and eliminating the hassle of mindlessly clicking arrow keys on a laptop looking for deer.

Fast forward to 2021.

What started as an idea to create a faster way to view and sort trail camera images has evolved into a powerful and scalable wildlife management platform. HuntPro’s revolutionary technology provides integrated capabilities to access, manage, and understand wildlife population insights and property activity.

In the last 2 years, HuntPro has developed a diverse customer base, including hunters, wildlife biologists, hunting ranches, state/federal natural resource agencies and academic institutions, who have contributed feedback and ideas for improving and expanding HuntPro's capabilities. We've added features like ID mode, to "tag" specific animals and add them to management lists. Robust population study analytics tools to help professionals and scientists tap into the valuable data collected by trail cameras. Tools for ranch operators to manage guest experiences. Maps, weather information and a mobile app to enable customers to access images and insights any time and any place.

HuntPro is available as 4 packages, each one delivering powerful image management, insight and access capabilities combined with additional tools and features based on customer needs. The Outdoorsman package (starting at $350 per year) provides hunters with everything they need to quickly organize images, tag trophies, collect harvest data and see weather conditions on their computer or mobile device. The Professional package (starting at $2,500 per year) is perfect for wildlife professionals, consultants or ranches conducting population studies and managing wildlife, including predators. The Ranch package (starting at $4,000 per year) offers HuntPro's population study tools in addition to guest management tools for handling reservations, waivers and property access. The Research package is geared towards academic, public agency and conservation organization customers who need to analyze, securely store, share and develop insights from high volumes of trail camera images.

To learn more about HuntPro or schedule a demo, contact us or visit our website.