• Rans Thomas

Shed Hunting with HuntPro

HuntPro is much more than just a seasonal tool for running trail camera surveys, studying whitetail population models, or cataloging and scouting unique bucks. It is truly a year-round tool for managing properties large and small. Running trail cameras year-round and using HuntPro to manage images enables you to scout turkeys in the early spring, study deer and turkey populations throughout the summer and into fall, monitor predators or wild hogs and run security surveillance for trespassers.

In addition, we have had some users matching shed antlers found in late winter with bucks that were “tagged” within HuntPro from the prior fall. The HuntPro mobile app makes it easy to do as you are out in the field. Check out our new video to see an example of how to search for sheds and use the HuntPro mobile app to quickly match it with a tagged buck. The day we filmed the video, we matched 5 sheds with 4 different bucks! Many times, similar left and right-side sheds will be discovered and lead you to think they are a matching pair. HuntPro removes all doubt on the spot.

In addition to being a fun activity, finding sheds is an important step in effectively scouting for next season. The ability to compare the location where sheds were found in February vs. the locations where we saw the bucks on our trail camera photos in September and October the year before provides great insights into a buck’s range over a five-to-six-month period and during the hunting season. These insights can also help you develop a behavior pattern for a trophy buck to follow the next fall and winter for more effective scouting.

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