• HuntPro

Stop hunting before you go hunting!

Like many hunters, you probably use game trail cameras to remotely scout properties for trophy bucks and turkeys as you get ready for the season. And there is no shortage of camera providers offering powerful technology that’s easy to set up, captures clear images and can even transmit pictures back to you. But, despite all that, there’s still a big problem. That is, still having to manually review, save, sort and count wildlife to really understand what’s going on out there.

You spend more time “hunting” for pictures instead of sitting in a tree stand actually hunting!

In fact, HuntPro estimates manual image review time takes 6 to 12 seconds per image. That means a dataset of 10,000 images, which is not uncommon for small properties over the course of a 2-week period, may require 25 hours or more in front of a computer screen just clicking arrow keys and counting deer or turkeys every once in a while. Just imagine a property generating 25,000 images, or even 100,000 images! And even after you find a trophy buck, you probably end up printing a few pictures to take with you.

It’s frustrating, inefficient and a waste of your time.

We know, because we had the same issues. So, we created HuntPro! HuntPro is a revolutionary wildlife management platform that provides hunters with powerful new tools to access, manage and understand wildlife populations on any hunting property large or small. Simply upload trail camera images to HuntPro and our patented image recognition technology automatically analyzes and sorts images by species - including deer (bucks, does, fawns), turkey, hog, coyote and bobcat – with filters to help users quickly navigate their information.

But image recognition and filtering are just the beginning! Once images have been analyzed, you can “tag” specific animals (similar to social media) and add them to lists as well as electronically collect harvest data, get weather information and plot observation data and harvests on electronic maps.

Best of all, HuntPro works with any camera brand with SD cards as well as popular cellular camera brands, and is accessible via any web browser or mobile device using the HuntPro app. The app is perfect when you’re out in the field or the tree stand waiting for that trophy to show up.

The HuntPro Outdoorsman subscription package is available for $350 per year which includes up to 25,000 images and 5 users. It’s great for small properties and leases running a few cameras shared with a group of friends.

Turkey season is almost here – subscribe today and see what you’ve been missing!