HuntPro Package

The HuntPro Package is designed for hunters, wildlife professionals and small ranch managers to quickly and easily filter thousands of game trail camera images, identify and tag trophy and/or management animals, create target lists, collect harvest data, generate population studies and access weather and map data. 

HuntPro Package Key Features


Unlimited users and property folders

Unlimited camera locations

Base subscription of 25,000 images*

Access via browser or mobile app

Secure image and data storage 

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Automated image analysis

Image filters: species, location, date

Unique animal ID tagging

Trophy and/or management lists

Electronic harvest log and analytics


Population study tools 

Maps and observation data

Weather, wind and lunar cycle data​​

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*Additional image storage available for purchase

Customer Testimonials

"... we were excited to try [HuntPro] last year for running trail camera surveys on client properties. The AI technology and mouse click user interaction made it much easier and faster to process tens of thousands of images. The only hiccups came from a client with bad camera traps which inherently lowered AI accuracy.  I love the ID Mode for profiling unique bucks and having those named buck images available in the field on the mobile app. We also use the harvest data log which instantly kicks back information we used to crunch in spreadsheets. Better still our clients can access and view the dashboard from their PC or mobile app so no need to create lengthy and time consuming survey reports... the future of deer management is bright with HuntPro." 

Greg Grimes

Aquatic Environmental Services Inc., Ball Ground, GA

"I use HuntPro on my 330 acre farm in Georgia.  The ability to organize and filter images quickly and easily, combined with the AI technology that rapidly recognizes, and tags animals, makes trail camera survey struggles a thing of the past.  The ability to profile, name, and view hit list bucks on your mobile device is a very convenient and useful feature while you and your guests are in the stand.  There is even a harvest data log on the mobile app, allowing you to enter and track as much data from animals taken as you are interested in.  Reliable and helpful tech support with easy to use features.  A must have tool if you are serious about effectively managing your property and deer herd."

Dr. Michael Loden

Warner Robins, GA

HuntPro Package Benefits

Fast, Automated Image Analysis

Tired of spending hours clicking through trail camera images looking for trophy whitetail deer, only to be frustrated by worthless pictures of leaves or raccoons invading your feeder?  We were too, which is why we built HuntPro! Our AI powered image recognition technology quickly analyzes all your pictures uploaded from SD cards or cellular cameras and automatically filters them by species, including deer (buck, doe, fawn), turkey, hog, coyote, bobcat, cow and raccoon. 


Tag Animals, Create Lists and Collect Harvest Data

HuntPro's ID Mode feature enables you to "tag" specific animals, giving them names, adding physical descriptions and building lists.  Manage trophies or create lists of management animals and predators to share with others. HuntPro's electronic harvest log enables you to quickly and easily enter harvest data in the field.


Mobile Access

HuntPro puts all your filtered trail camera images, management lists and harvest logs, along with maps and weather conditions in the palm of your hand with our easy to use mobile app.  

Population Studies and Management Lists On Demand

Traditionally, population studies and management lists were created by wildlife professionals, consultants and managers and then shared as presentations or hard copy documents.  That all changes with HuntPro, as images, insights and information are dynamically compiled, generated and available  online or via the mobile app as images are uploaded into the platform. No more spending hours compiling documents, organizing files and sending emails.  Everything is available on demand.   

Purchase HuntPro Package Subscription

The HuntPro Professional  package subscription is available starting at $350 per year and includes:

  • Access to HuntPro for an unlimited number of users with a limit of 25,000 images via web browser and mobile app

  • Automated image analysis and filtering by species, location and date

  • Tools to tag individual animals and create trophy/management lists 

  • Electronic harvest log 

  • Population analytics, maps and weather conditions