HuntPro Ranch Package

The HuntPro Ranch Package is designed for ranch property owners and managers to understand and manage wildlife populations on their property, as well as deliver exceptional guest experiences.  The HuntPro Ranch Package provides powerful image recognition technology to quickly and easily filter thousands of game trail camera images, identify and tag trophy and/or management animals, create target lists, collect harvest data and access weather and map data, right from their mobile phone. In addition, it offers guest experience tools including waiver management, property check in/out, guest location map and guest reservations for cabins, blinds and boats.

HuntPro Ranch Package Key Features


Unlimited users / folders / locations

Base subscription of 75,000 images*

Access via browser or mobile app

Secure image and data storage 

icons8-cloud-share-symbol-100 white.png

Automated image analysis

Image filters: species, location, date

Unique animal ID tagging

Trophy and/or management list

Electronic harvest log analytics

Cabin/blind/boat reservations

Guest waivers

Property check in/out

Guest location map

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Population study tools 

Maps and observation data

Weather, wind and lunar cycle data​​

*Additional image storage available for purchase

Customer testimonial

Coy Earley

Ranch Manager, San Angelo, Texas

“We collect 25,000-30,000 images a week from our trail cameras, which used to take me days to process. HuntPro handles that in just a few hours, giving me time to work on more important projects around ranch. In addition, I can use the information provided by HuntPro to prepare for hunters, manage predator control and understand wildlife behavior around the property.  In a hunting operation like mine, the ability to share management lists with guests on their mobile phone prior to their arrival is awesome.  It enables me to build a hunt to that person’s specific goals and set them up to be successful.  HuntPro is an absolute game changer for my ranch operations”

Ranch Package Benefits


Trail camera surveys can capture hundreds of thousands of images, requiring ranch managers and staff to manually sort images and tabulate data. This highly inefficient process is a bad use of their time. HuntPro's powerful AI image recognition and analysis engine automates the analysis process,  sorting and filtering images by species and compiling statistics automatically.  HuntPro dramatically reduces image analysis time and delivers robust population insights at the click of a mouse, enabling teams to improve productivity by focusing on higher value tasks around the ranch. 


Communication and Collaboration

HuntPro's cloud-based platform provides easy access to images and data from any web browser or mobile device.  Ranch managers can share images of trophy deer with owners and guests quickly and easily.  They can also share management lists and predator control lists with staff working in the field.  No more printouts, everything is shared online and via the HuntPro mobile app.  


Guest and Property Management

Powered by customer innovation and ideas, HuntPro's Ranch Package provides additional capabilities to manage guests visiting the ranch.  Managers can control access, secure waivers, view guest locations and manage lodging and activity reservations. Guests use the HuntPro mobile app to quickly and easily make reservations and check in/out. 

Purchase HuntPro Ranch Package Subscription

The HuntPro Ranch subscription package starts at $2,500 per year and includes:

  • Access to HuntPro for an unlimited number of users with a limit of 75,000 images via web browser and mobile app

  • Automated image analysis and filtering by species, location and date

  • Tools to tag individual animals and create trophy/management lists 

  • Electronic harvest log 

  • Population analytics, maps and weather conditions 

  • Guest management tools