HuntPro Research Package

The HuntPro Research Package is our professional grade offering, designed to meet the demanding data requirements of researchers, scientists, conservationists and academic research programs. 

HuntPro Research Package Key Features

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Unlimited users and property folders

Base subscription of 75,000 images*

Access via browser or mobile app

Secure image and data storage 


Automated image analysis

Advanced image analysis settings

Image filters: species, location, date

Unique animal ID tagging

Unique animal management lists

Electronic harvest log

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Population study tools 

Population study meta data export

Maps and observation data

Weather, wind and lunar cycle data​​

*Additional image storage available for purchase

Customer testimonial

Dr. James Johnson

Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Georgia

“...this is the best wildlife data entry and management tool I have worked with. The addition of AI image recognition is a promising advancement in trail camera data entry and management... Generating data with mouse click tagging functionality is much faster than traditional methods. The ID feature (ID Mode) is really awesome and fast in profiling unique bucks. Filtering photos by folders used to be very time consuming and I can’t imagine doing that any longer... the software greatly reduces the time we spend entering trail camera data and has streamlined our workflow.”

Research Package Benefits


Large scale trail camera surveys can capture millions of images, requiring armies of students, staff and citizen volunteers to sort images and tabulate data. HuntPro's powerful AI image recognition and analysis engine automates the analysis process,  sorting and filtering images by species and compiling statistics automatically.  HuntPro dramatically reduces image analysis time, enabling teams to improve productivity by focusing on higher value tasks. 



HuntPro's cloud-based platform provides easy access to images and data from any web browser or mobile device.  Teams can now collaborate using a common set of information from anywhere in the world and grant access to users at the click of a mouse.  


Data portability

While HuntPro's built in data analytics tools can provide valuable insights, we understand the need for researchers, scientists and academic users to use other proprietary models and algorithms.  The HuntPro Research Package provides a data export tool, enabling users to conduct deeper analysis as needed.

Purchase HuntPro Research Package Subscription

HuntPro is offered as an annual subscription. Because of the unique data and system functionality requirements of our professional and scientific customers, the HuntPro Research Package cannot be purchased online.  Please contact us to set up a conversation to discuss your needs, customizations and pricing .