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Don’t Let Wind Blow Your Hunt

Rans Thomas, Wildlife Biologist and HuntPro Specialist  Most hunters are keenly aware that the wind direction and speed at a raised stand location, ground blind, or even in a waterfowl blind can make or break a hunt. If we are stalking big game on foot, or as my...

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Winter Whitetail Trail Camera Survey

     It’s January and deer season is winding down (or is over in most US states) but DON’T put those trail cameras up yet! Many may have already packed up their cameras for the year or at least until turkey season. Before you put them away, did you know a whitetail...

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Sly as a (Red) Fox

Recently the HuntPro team shared some images captured by a test camera positioned near HuntPro HQ in Georgia. The camera is located just outside the main building surrounded by other office buildings, parking lots, an elementary school and busy roads. The team had...

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