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Easily filter thousands of trail camera images

Automatically identify and tag vehicles, animals, and people

Population studies, harvest data, weather, maps, and more.

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Time Saving

AI Image Tagging, Filtering & ID Mode equals more time in the field & less behind the desk


Spend less time on montonous, low-value tasks such as clicking arrow keys with advanced filtering


Images, data, lists, and work autosaved securely in the cloud & accessible via the mobile app or a browser

The World’s Only Comprehensive
Wildlife Management Technology Platform

HuntPro is a powerful and scalable wildlife management technology platform. HuntPro works with any brand of trail camera, and is accessible through any mobile device or web browser. With HuntPro’s artificial intelligence engine, users can instantly and easily access, manage, and understand wildlife populations and property activity.

Image Recognition

HuntPro AI recognizes bucks, does, fawns, turkeys, pigs, coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, vehicles, and people.

Fast Uploads

Upload tens of thousands of images (even from cameras in the field) with our Speedloader tool.  

Simple Sorting

Sort images by species or object, location, date, and attributes—all with one click. 

Built-In Analytics

Reference rich analytics for population studies, habitat planning, or proprietary research.

Instant Access

Get the full benefits of HuntPro (Images, tools, insights) through our mobile app or any browser.

Easy To Use

With our user-friendly web portal and mobile application, easily complete a wide range of tasks that meet your needs from checking target animals to completing a full population study.

“We have over 25 cameras capturing 25,000-30,000 trail camera images per week, which used to take me 30+ hours to upload, sort, filter, identify and organize. Now with HuntPro it only takes minutes.”

Ranch Manager
Red Cloud Ranch, Texas

“…this is the best wildlife data entry and management tool I have worked with.

Dr. James Johnson
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Georgia

“AI technology and mouse click user interaction made it much easier and faster to process tens of thousands of images.”

Greg Grimes
Aquatic Environmental Services Inc., Ball Ground, GA

The ability to profile, name, and view hit list bucks on your mobile device is a very convenient and useful feature while you and your guests are in the stand.

Dr. Michael Loden
Warner Robins, GA

The mobile app target list is huge for us in managing a property that hosts many guests, clearly indicating visually which bucks are targeted for harvest.

Rob S.
HuntPro User

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