HuntPro AI

The World's Only AI Hunting & Wildlife Management Platform

Cut through the noise on your Ranch by using HuntPro - a powerful and scalable wildlife management technology platform. HuntPro works with any brand of trail camera, and is accessible through any mobile device or web browser. With HuntPro’s artificial intelligence engine, you can instantly and easily access, manage, and understand wildlife populations and property activity.

HuntPro AI has 5 Patents for it's proprietary AI software

Learn why ranches that use HuntPro provide the highest quality hunting experience for their guests.


Manage Your Property, Better

Finally an all in one solution to sorting the large volume of images from the cameras, creating shoot and do not shoot lists, map tools, assigning hunt locations, analyzing data via activity & heatmaps, population survey, logging harvest data, and much more!

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Access: Advanced AI Tagging

Filter through through the noise with the fastest image acquisition and AI tagging, compatible with cellular cameras and traditional SD or other network upload. All stored in a cloud native secure system.

Manage: Sort Pictures Faster

Automatically filter images for target species, tag animals, manage trophies in the most efficient tool available and easily provide that information to your employees and guests.

Understand: Easily Manage Herds

Whether you are conducting a traditional trail camera survey, creating a do not shoot or hit list, studying movement and activity, or analyzing harvest data - this is all at your fingertips within the system.

Who can use HuntPro?

Whether you manage 1000s of acres in Texas, or farms in Georgia, or 100 acres of private land or 100's of thousand acres in Africa - if Wildlife is your passion, then it's HuntPro.

Ranch Managers
Lead Guides
Farm Owners
Wildlife Biologists

Solves Your Biggest Problems

  • Image Acquisition w/ AI - Make sure image uploads are as real time as possible and that the animals are categorized correctly
  • Efficiency of managing images - Time savings or actual completion of the task
  • Create Target, Do Not Shoot Lists - coffee table print out and guide handout replacement
  • Harvest list kept current as animals come in harvest list are kept up and reviewed weekly - bloody log book replacement
  • Manage hunters on property - place in best stand location, group for drop off and pickup, safety
  • Identify Problem areas that need to be addressed from images (feeders, timers, cameras, fencing, pests, etc)
Reliable and helpful tech support with easy-to-use features.  A must-have tool if you are serious about effectively managing your property and deer herd.
Dr. Michael Loden

Warner Robins, GA

HuntPro Scales With You

HuntPro AI has unmatched, out-of-the-box functionality, with 20+ cutting edge features in all of it's base subscriptions. There is no other tool on the market with this kind of base functionality!

Hunter / Professional
  • Unlimited Users
  • Up to 25,000 Images
  • Speed Uploader and Compatible Cellular Camera Uploads
  • Enhanced Image Acquisition AI
  • Buck ID Mode
  • Advanced Notification options for Cellular Image Uploads
  • Free Use of Mobile Application for all users
  • Web Portal Access for User and System Administration
  • Unlimited Data Folders (Properties or Projects)
  • User Messaging for Property Specific Updates and HuntPro feature updates
  • Property Map - Satellite, Topo, and Street options with map layers
  • Parcel and Property Line Information and Display
  • Map Drawing Tools including measurement, breadcrumb, and marker sharing
  • Observational Data Tools and Reporting
  • Weather and Wind Forecast
  • HuntPro Stand Index
  • Population Study / Survey Tools
  • Harvest Management Lists
  • Harvest Logging and Analytics
  • Activity Heat Maps
  • How To Videos
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Ranch / Farm / Reserve
  • Includes Everything In Hunter / Professional
  • Increased Image capacity
  • Property Waiver and Form Capture
  • User Tracking
  • User Activity and Time Tracking Reporting
  • Request for Assistance or Aid with configurable notifications
  • Reservations and Rules Administration with configurable notifications
  • Advanced Image Analytics
  • Data Export
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Research / Conservation
  • Includes Everything in Ranch / Farm / Reserve
  • Project Based Reporting
  • Custom AI Training
  • High Image Count Pricing
  • New Object Detection
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