HuntPro Scales With You

HuntPro AI has unmatched, out-of-the-box functionality, with 20+ cutting edge features in all of it's base subscriptions. There is no other tool on the market with this kind of base functionality!

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Hunter / Professional
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  • Unlimited Users
  • Up to 25,000 Images
  • Speed Uploader and Compatible Cellular Camera Uploads
  • Enhanced Image Acquisition AI
  • Buck ID Mode
  • Advanced Notification options for Cellular Image Uploads
  • HuntPro Stand Index
  • Weather and Wind Forecast
  • Population Study / Survey Tools
  • Harvest Management Lists
  • Harvest Logging and Analytics
  • Activity Heat Maps
  • Observational Data Tools and Reporting
  • Free Use of Mobile Application for all users
  • Web Portal Access for User and System Administration
  • Unlimited Data Folders (Properties or Projects)
  • User Messaging for Property Specific Updates and HuntPro feature updates
  • Property Map - Satellite, Topo, and Street options with map layers
  • Parcel and Property Line Information and Display
  • Map Drawing Tools including measurement, breadcrumb, and marker sharing 
  • Software Set-up and Tutorial Videos
Ranch / Farm / Reserve
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Everything in Hunter / Professional
  • Increased Image capacity
  • Property Waiver and Form Capture
  • User Tracking
  • User Activity and Time Tracking Reporting
  • Request for Assistance or Aid with configurable notifications
  • Reservations and Rules Administration with configurable notifications
  • Advanced Image Analytics
  • Data Export
Research / Conservation
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Everything in Lower Plans
  • Project Based Reporting
  • Custom AI Training
  • High Image Count Pricing
  • New Object Detection