Powerful features

In addition to HuntPro's image recognition and data analysis capabilities, the platform includes several features to help users effectively understand and manage wildlife populations.

ID Mode

HuntPro's ID Mode enables users to identify specific animals captured by trail cameras to "tag" and name them, similar to today's popular social media platforms.  Once tagged and named, all images of that specific animal are automatically added to their profile in the system, including dates and locations where the images were taken. This provides users with behavioral patterns that can be analyzed further and monitored over time.

buck id screencap.png

Harvest and action lists

HuntPro includes a built in harvest / action list feature that allows users to add animals that have been ID into specific groups.  An example of this would be a harvest (or do not harvest) list of specific animals on a property or a group that should be monitored for research purposes.  

Need to harvest list.png

Electronic harvest logs

HuntPro includes an electronic harvest log that can be used to capture data and measurements from animals that were tagged in the system and then harvested.  Data can be exported for reporting purposes.

Harvest log.png