An All In One Solution

HuntPro is a patented one-of-a-kind solution that helps you manage your hunting property. It scales from small to large operations including leases, family property, and commercial organizations. There is a fit for all types of users from the solo hunter to large hunting properties. Our mobile app and web portal have scalable features to meet your needs and those of your guests. From trail camera image management and scouting activities through hunting, harvest with analytics. Make your operation more efficient with HuntPro.

Speed Uploader and Cellular Uploads

Simply select images from an SD card or configure a compatible camera to upload directly to HuntPro.

Efficient AI Photo Management

Images automatically tagged by our patented AI and easily sorted and filtered with our photo management tools.

ID Mode

Enables users to identify specific animals captured by trail cameras.

Hunter, Guest, Activity, and Resource Management

Manage the status of locations and activities and track your guests if needed on your property.

Map Tools

Add markers, measure, breadcrumb, draw, and more on your property map

Harvest and action lists

Add animals that have been ID’d into specific groups for owners, guests, and employees.

HuntPro Stand Index

Quickly determine the hunting forecast for a location using species, wind, and activity data.


Better understand animal activity based on post hunting survey, sighting, and trail camera photo data.

Built-in analytics

Dashboards, reports, and graphical reporting of all of your collected data and activity.

Electronic harvest logs

Capture data and measurements from animals that were tagged in the system.