The HuntPro team

HuntPro is an affiliate of 121G, LLC, an investment, advisory, and technology company that works alongside entrepreneurs and investors to strategically build innovation and grow businesses. 121G provides capital and consulting services for leadership development, technology innovation and revenue growth. Through the 121G model, HuntPro and a group of innovation platforms and businesses have been successfully funded, incubated and launched within a variety of markets.  Our capital resources and extensive software development experience sets Huntpro apart from the myriad of startups within the wildlife innovation market. 

Our HuntPro team has 20+ years of experience in developing, implementing, and supporting highly scalable enterprise technologies in the healthcare, legal and financial industries.  This experience includes numerous successful funding ventures, multiple sales of business startups and an Initial Public Offering (IPO).  Overall, the success of HuntPro is backed by a well-funded team, deep with technological and software experience who will revolutionize how innovation is used in the wildlife management industry.

Our team’s focus on a technical solution to trail camera picture “noise” has now expanded into a fully functional Wildlife Management Platform. It started with reluctantly sorting through thousands of trail camera pictures, which led to the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence technologies to automate the picture filtering process and ultimately resulted in an analytics capability to support the science of wildlife management.  Now, HuntPro is more than just automated image analysis and filtering; it is a platform designed to easily and quickly assist everyone from scientists to property owners, hunters, and more.