February 12, 2024

John Ayers


November 1, 2022 – Carrollton, GA. – HuntPro today announced that 50 new customers have implemented HuntPro as their wildlife management platform of choice.  These customers include Red Cloud Ranch, 8,000 acres located approximately 45 minutes north of San Angelo, Texas.  HuntPro’s Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) based image-recognition platform automates the process of identifying, filtering, and organizing trail camera pictures, saving property owners and managers time and money, while providing advanced intelligence on their wildlife populations.

“At some points during the season we have over 50 cameras capturing over 40,000 trail camera images per week, which used to take over 40 hours to upload, sort, filter, identify and organize. With HuntPro, it takes only 5 hours. Plus, I can use the information provided by HuntPro to prepare for hunters, eliminate predators, communicate with staff, and better understand wildlife behavior around the property. HuntPro has been an absolute time saver and general game changer for ranch operations,” said John Ayers, of Red Cloud Ranch.

HuntPro’s groundbreaking wildlife management platform leverages cutting-edge AI and machine-learning based image recognition to deliver powerful features and capabilities including image filtering by species, location and date, specific animal tagging, management lists, population study analytics, property management tools, maps and weather conditions.  

“We are excited to be working with Red Cloud Ranch to revolutionize the way they track and manage their wildlife populations. In this day and age, nothing this important should have to be left to manual, error prone processes. We know that with technology we can improve processes, drive efficiencies and gain useful insights through data analytics.  We are eager to see HuntPro lead the evolution of the Wildlife IT market.” said Johnathan Samples, the President of HuntPro.  

HuntPro identifies many species including deer, turkeys, feral pigs, bobcats and coyotes and can also identify people and vehicles.

About HuntPro

HuntPro is the industry’s first and only wildlife management platform that combines patented AI powered image recognition technology with easy-to-use species filters to help hunters, wildlife professionals and scientists alike save time and money and be more efficient. HuntPro also features animal tagging tools, harvest lists and data collection tools, built-in population study analytics, maps and weather conditions making it a first-of-its-kind, complete wildlife and hunting management platform. Visit HuntPro to learn more or follow @huntpro_ai on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn