HuntPro Annual Subscription

HuntPro is offered as an annual subscription service, with pricing determined by the total number of your trail camera images stored in the system at any given time.  

All HuntPro subscriptions include:

  • Automated image recognition processing using HuntPro's patented AI engine.

  • High speed image uploader application that reduces uploads from hours to minutes

  • Automatic image filtering by species, attributes, time of day, camera location and date range . Confidence filters can be applied for additional fine tuning. 

  • Image data security to protect customer information, along with redundant backup

  • Built-in powerful analytics tools providing population management insights, with the ability to export data for deeper analysis in proprietary customer tools. 

  • Unlimited user access via any Internet-connected device via any web browser.

HuntPro's annual subscription is auto-renewed unless cancellation is requested by the customer. 

HuntPro annual subscription packages:


Starting at $350 per year
*Monthly payment options available


Starting at $2,500 per year


Custom pricing available