We know the grind of the preparation for your hunt in organizing, sorting, and managing thousands of trail camera photos can entail endless hours of copying and pasting image after image. We also know the human error that occurs when we perform these tasks. Not only have we increased efficiency by creating the ultimate AI-driven wildlife management platform to streamline this process, but we have also reduced the number of errors. With HuntPro’s speed loader combined with its cellular upload, your trail camera images can be transferred into HuntPro’s system straight from your cellular device in minutes!

Recognizing over a dozen different species, HuntPro’s efficient AI image management collects image data on species or objects, location, date, and attributes. With HuntPro’s preference filter, hunters can tailor their categorization to specific deer and locations, making scouting and preparation as efficient as possible. Once a target deer is identified in the system, hunters can tag the deer through HuntPro’s identification mode feature creating a profile category specific to the animal. So, future images of the tagged deer will upload directly to its profile. No more wasting your time sorting through printed coffee table images. With HuntPro, you can spend your time more efficiently in the stand!

HuntPro’s tracking and behavior analysis, along with its stand index feature, sets hunters up for a successful hunt every time. 

HuntPro’s heatmaps system provides sportmen with a tracking and behavior analysis through image data. With HuntPro, you can gain insight into that trophy buck’s movement patterns. HuntPro’s heatmaps provide historical animal activity data through a wide array of filters helping hunters determine the hunting “hot spots,” fields and locations that are producing and those that aren’t. HuntPro can even report which hunting locations and stands on your land that are currently the optimal spots for a successful hunt through its stand index feature. HuntPro’s stand index feature determines projected forecast conditions and animal activity allowing you to select your optimal hunting spot by showing you the best downwind position so there’s no more blowing your cover!