Accurately locate and track pigs using HuntPro's heatmaps, wind direction and tracking features.

Whether you’re aiding in population control or simply enjoying the sport, hog hunting just got a whole lot easier with HuntPro! With HuntPro’s accurate movement tracking and wind direction features you can elevate your hog hunting with our artificial intelligence (AI) insights.

Enhance your hog hunting experience with HuntPro’s advanced AI photo management technology.

We understand the difficulty of identifying black pigs, especially at night. With HuntPro, distinguishing pigs from cows and other large animal species becomes effortless, offering you a precise depiction of each species captured by your camera. HuntPro’s speed uploader combined with its cellular upload transmits your trail camera photos into HuntPro’s AI photo management system in minutes.

Once uploaded, HuntPro identifies, sorts, and organizes your image data. This AI generated system can recognize over a dozen different wildlife species, along with date, time, and other photo attributes. No longer do you have to worry about the heavy grind of identifying and sorting your images between pigs and other animal species.