Is there a better way to manage wildlife on my land? The answer is, yes!

With HuntPro’s innovative AI technology, you can survey your wildlife in less than half the time you’re used to. Say good-bye to the many hours spent scrolling, sorting, and organizing your trail camera photos. There is a better way to manage wildlife on your land! HuntPro’s speed uploader combined with its cellular upload gathers and organizes your trail camera photos in minutes from any location. With HuntPro’s automated image recognition for over a dozen wildlife species, you can know what’s on your land, when it’s on your land.

HuntPro automatically sorts through image data with its efficient AI photo management and ID mode features giving you a list of the specific species, gender, and age of each animal along with the specific date and time each photo was captured. Using HuntPro’s filtered tool, you can tailor your image organization that best fits the needs of your land. Surveying just got a whole lot better!

HuntPro can help you better analyze, tag, and track wildlife and game movement.

Whether you’re a farmer learning to coexist with wildlife or a hunter looking to support population control, or simply enjoy the artistry behind the sport, analyze animal behavior and movement patterns with HuntPro’s heatmaps, built-in analytics and tagging features.

Using photo data, HuntPro’s heatmaps feature allows you to track animal traffic, behavior patterns, and determine hot spots for hunting. Find all your recorded data through HuntPro’s dashboards, reports, and graphs. Whether you’re a farmer learning to coexist with wildlife or a hunter looking to enhance your experience, these features ultimately enable you to optimize your nutrient to population ratio.

Learn what areas animals are drawing near and drawing away from plants and prepare for next year’s season. Furthermore, with HuntPro’s tagging feature, you even have the ability to pattern a specific animal. HuntPro takes the time and location from all the pictures of that trophy buck and gives you a better understanding of his behavior. Tracking animal movement just got a whole lot better!

Make your hunting experience better with HuntPro’s map, stand index, and harvest features.

Combining GEO locations with highly accurate, updated, and forecasted weather conditions, HuntPro features its stand hunting index capability. By integrating forecast and animal traffic patterns, HuntPro’s stand index is a graphical representation helping you target the perfect downwind, high-activity locations, setting you up for an excellent hunt every time. HuntPro also features a harvest list and log enabling you to create target lists and unapproved target lists. Optimize your hunting even further and oversee your property with HuntPro’s interactive map tools feature. Add markers, draw plots, and more for an easier and more efficient way to note areas of your land. Your hunting experience just got a whole lot better!