Protect your land by knowing what’s on your land. With HuntPro’s AI photo management, you can say goodbye to the countless hours rummaging through trail camera photos, scrolling, printing, and sorting wildlife or cattle on your land. HuntPro uses its speed uploader and cellular upload to transmit your photos into HuntPro’s advanced AI system in minutes.

Recognizing over a dozen wildlife species, HuntPro gives you data on each image regarding species, objects, location, date, and attributes. Using HuntPro’s advance tagging and filter options you can sort, and tag images based on preferences tailored specifically to your ranch. Whether your tagging deer or cattle, HuntPro gives you quick, sorted updates making for an efficient property surveillance.

HuntPro’s advanced AI technology features a speed uploader and AI photo management.

Ranch owners looking for a better way to track down your cattle or a hunter chasing that trophy buck, HuntPro is for you!

HuntPro’s heatmaps and tracking systems can not only help ranchers manage cattle pastures with the ability to mark and track specific cows and herd count in each pasture, but it can also act as a predator system. Using photo data to reveal historical animal activity and movement patterns allows ranchers to know when and if their cattle or calves are in danger by other wildlife. Conversely, if you’ve been chasing that trophy buck for months, tag and track him using HuntPro’s advance tagging and heatmaps features. Easily learn his behavior patterns by reviewing the provided harvest data, along with learning which fields or hunting locations that are producing and those that aren’t.

HuntPro’s accurate AI mapping software helps ranchers plot & plan for buildings and barns.

In need of a new barn? Or hunting location? HuntPro makes plotting for new infrastructure such as barns or even hunting stands efficient and easy. Using HuntPro’s accurate AI mapping software, ranchers and hunters can plot out any shape, add markers, breadcrumbs, and even draw on their own interactive property map, ultimately making building decisions easier by eliminating any guesswork in picking the best spot for both themselves and wildlife.