Using our AI advanced photo management technology, hunters can maximize their hunts by locating and identifying specific turkey appearances.

Are you searching to optimize every turkey hunt? With HuntPro’s advanced photo management technology, you can know whether it’s the hens keeping that gobbler around. HuntPro’s AI advanced technology gives huntsmen the ability to identify birds by recognizing the species or object in any given trail camera photo. Combined with its speed uploader and cellular upload, HuntPro can pull all your trail camera photos and transmit gender, age, date, time, and location information into its system in minutes. Maximize your hunt by finding where those turkey birds are and their “hot spots.”

Gain insights and develop your hunting strategies using HuntPro’s advanced AI tracking system & heatmapping.

HuntPro’s advanced AI tracking system includes a heatmaps system. This feature not only can give you insight into turkey movement and migration patterns but also provide the ability to track predators and other factors that may have deterred your bird from staying in the location where it was last seen. Keep a close eye on behavior patterns and you will be sure to know which hunting locations are producing and those that aren’t. HuntPro can help you identify the optimal, high-activity spot, optimizing your potential for a rewarding outcome more often.