HuntPro phone app screenshot of tagged bucks on a property

HuntPro’s Tracking Solutions, AI photo Management, & Guest Interactive Features

Leave the old ways behind and tune into the newest cutting-edge technology with AI hunting and wildlife management platform designed to modernize and simplify your day-to-day management of wildlife for conservation as well as your hunting experiences. Built to enhance your wildlife management, HuntPro streamlines your operating process with its advanced AI technology tools, such as its AI photo management system, to drive efficiency and increase productivity through image data.

HuntPro’s AI photo management is designed to reindustrialize animal profile image sorting by efficiently aiding wildlife managers and management teams in establishing knowledge about the activity on their property. This is achieved by using AI technology to identify and categorize each image based on factors such as the animal or object depicted, date, time, location, and more.

HuntPro's Map Tools and Heatmap Features

After image sorting and animal tagging, teams and managers can track animal movement and patterns through image data. This tracking allows them to decipher animal activity, ultimately revealing which hunting locations are productive and those that aren’t. This is done using HuntPro’s heatmaps feature. Then, easily communicate to your team through HuntPro’s hunter, guest, activity, and resource management feature. Using the heatmaps tool combined with HuntPro’s guest management tool, managers can place hunters in the best stand locations with high-animal activity, as well as establishing safety and driving efficiency like grouping guest stand drop off and pickup times.