HuntPro provides in-depth wildlife analytics and AI-powered research tools.

HuntPro app analytics desktop screenshot

Are you a biologist seeking to enhance your research? HuntPro features efficient AI photo management. Along with its speed uploader, your trail camera photos can be transmitted into the HuntPro system very quickly. With the ability to identify over a dozen wildlife species, researchers can sort images by species or objects, as well as locations, and dates, using the provided filters. HuntPro even provides an identification system allowing biologists to tag specific animals, creating a separate profile containing photos of each tagged animal.

Whether you’re conducting research on a skulk of foxes or a lone deer, researchers can easily identify wildlife attributes and gender with HuntPro’s AI technology. Using HuntPro’s advanced AI technology, biologists can easily identify wildlife, track animal movement and behavior patterns, conduct research through in-depth data analytics, and easily access reports and information through online harvest logs.

Get rid of the old logbook, the spreadsheets, copy & pasting photos, and notebooks with tick marks in them! Digitize your records with HuntPro’s modernized harvest log and analytics features.

With HuntPro’s advanced AI technology, you can know how your animal populations are reacting to the property and their migratory patterns using the heatmapping and predictive patterns. Keep better track of your animal populations down to a single animal. HuntPro will tag animals and let you see down to a single animals pattern on your property.