The National Deer Association (NDA) has announced a new partnership with HuntPro, a groundbreaking technology that helps hunters, wildlife professionals and scientists understand and manage wildlife populations through trail-camera images. NDA Members can learn more and subscribe to HuntPro at a special discounted rate by visiting In addition, HuntPro will donate 10% of each NDA Member subscription back to NDA to fund deer conservation projects.

“HuntPro is one of the most advanced tools for analyzing trail-camera images quickly and easily that we’ve seen,” said NDA President and CEO Nick Pinizzotto. “You can tell there was a lot of trail-camera time, thought and planning put into this product, and it’s great that HuntPro is serious about supporting deer conservation as well through their NDA Member Discount Program.”

  • HuntPro was developed by avid outdoorsmen and technology entrepreneurs who were frustrated by wasting time looking at worthless images from their camera surveys. Over the last 2 years, HuntPro has evolved from a basic image recognition tool to a patented, fully featured wildlife management platform: Images and insights are securely stored in the cloud and are easily accessed through any web browser or the HuntPro mobile app.
  • Artificial intelligence powered image recognition technology automatically analyzes and sorts trail camera images with filters by species, location and date.
  • ID Mode allows users to ‘tag’ specific animals, add them to management lists and easily collect harvest data.
  • Population study tools, heatmaps, observation data and weather conditions provide deep, actionable insights into wildlife populations and behaviors.
  • Property managers have access to tools like online waivers, boat/blind/cabin reservations and property check in/out processes to manage guest experiences.

“HuntPro is excited to partner with the National Deer Association to help Members revolutionize the way they scout for deer, manage populations and property, and access deeper insights to make their hunts and/or clients more successful” said Johnathan Samples, the President of HuntPro. “HuntPro’s powerful tools and features provide new capabilities for hunters and wildlife professionals alike that align to the NDA’s mission to blend the art of deer hunting with the science of deer management.”

To learn more about HuntPro and the NDA Member program, please visit:

For information on how to become an NDA Sponsor or Partner, call 800-209-DEER.